Today is a historic day for India. A diversity of sexual expression is no longer considered criminal, as it formerly was due to an archaic law inherited from the British Empire.

In Jain literature, there is a recognition of three broad categories of physical sexual characteristics: pumlinga (male), strilinga (female), napumsakalinga (neither clearly male nor female). There is also a recognition of three broad modes of psychological sexual expression: pumveda (attraction towards females), striveda (attraction towards males), napumsakaveda (attraction towards any gender, not always clearly defined).

The Jain understanding is that a human being can have any combination of linga and veda. From that view, Jain philosophy describes a vast diversity of sexuality. In any case, when it comes to love, one should not have to depend on scripture for guidance: the inner voice is the best guide. At, we stand in solidarity with all the people whose views have today been recognized by the State. In the Jain spirit of anekantavada and ahinsa, let us hope for an amazing future, where people with all kinds of minds and bodies are able to live in peace and harmony. We are also thrilled that the day coincides with the beginning of a sacred time for all Jains. We wish our readers a very happy paryushana and das lakshana.

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