A film festival in the hills

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Neelam’s Journey

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All the way to Timbuktu

I had the privilege of attending the first ever Vikalp Sangam at the Timbuktu Collective over a weekend. ‘Vikalp Sangam’, or ‘Alternative Confluence’, is a people’s movement…

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A digambara Divali

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An eclectic electrician

In September 2014, we were meeting people, scouting locations, and visiting various temples to get a sense of the Paryushana festival as is celebrated in the city. We managed to…

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A gradual transition

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In September 2014, we met a young svetambara nun, Sadhvi Risabh Ratna. At 29 years old, she took diksha almost four years ago. Currently she is working on her Ph.D on the subject…

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Becoming her worship

Once a year, around the monsoons in India, Jains observe the festival of Paryushan. During this time, the community comes together at temples to pray, meditate and to listen to…

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A festival of forgiveness

A cornerstone of the Jain tradition is the awareness of the delicate interdependence of all things in this world, summarized in their motto, “parasparopagraho jivanam“. To conduct…

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From one family to another

Amar Shah, his wife Bina and their two children, Romal and Binal all took diksha together in Andheri West, Bombay in early May. The event transpired with immense fanfare, over a…

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