Happy Mahavira Jayanti

Happy Mahavira Jayanti to all our readers! Around two and a half millennia ago, Mahavira was born in the Indian subcontinent. In the Jain tradition, he is considered the 24th and…

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Jainism & Buddhism

Jainism and Buddhism share historical roots and also have very similar ethical practices. "Helping others brings deep satisfaction. No matter how strong we may feel, our survival…

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On violence

Independent thinkers often reach inferences that are remarkably similar to Jain viewpoints. About violence, Hans Abendroth wrote: "Moderns regard violence as something internal to…

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Spiralling into soul: the Jain way of life and death

Though fundamental to our existence, life and death are still not well understood; their meanings have many keepers. Whether a transition or an end, death is illuminated only in…

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Rethinking the world with Manish Jain

What would Jainism in practice look like in today’s world? How could core Jain principles be translated into contemporary action? Anveshan sought answers to these questions and…

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A Jain perspective on food, fasting and liberation.

Non-violence as a core philosophy and a vegetarian diet as one of its outcomes are the two most well-known aspects of the Jain community. Practicing Jains from all sects and…

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The ancient roots of Jainism

Jainism and Buddhism are not offshoots or versions of Hinduism. They are not even protest movements or heretical groups that developed on the basis of opposing Hinduism. Both of…

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Brahmi: the mother of all Indic scripts

The origins of language in particular can be difficult to trace because language mostly requires no physical medium. Scripts have physical evidence to back them up, but written…

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Prayers and pigeons in Kerala

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Staying Rooted

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