Jainism.com is a production house using new media for expressing ancient ideas.

We are individuals exploring the concept of interdependence. While we remain consistent in our commitment to the ancient principles of Jainism, we are approaching Jainism with curiosity. Jainism.com’s vision has adapted as we have learned more, and we hope that our interpretations reflect our evolving understanding of the subject.

We realized that Jainism is a religion that is ideally also a complex movement to consume less, forgive more, and practice non-violence at every level. Perhaps it is even more relevant now than ever before. We believe in truth diversity, cultural diversity, and biodiversity.

Stories are the foundation of our communities and ecosystems. They shape our thoughts and opinions and spark our imaginations. We use creative spaces of storytelling, including films, exhibits, events, and articles to explore meaningful connections between ahimsa, aparigraha, and anekantavada. Our perspective is anchored in multidisciplinary research across domains of history and various sciences.

Our long term vision is to produce content that will encourage honest and complex conversations.

We are dedicated to answering two broad questions:

  • What is Jainism?  ––and––
  • How is it relevant today?

At Jainism.com we do not believe that the world today bears the hallmark of Mahavira’s message. However, we do believe that we are capable of change. In the Jain view, looking within is the first step towards creating meaningful change. This change can only take place by putting effort into amending patterns of thought, speech, and actions to match an appropriate inner intention.

What is an appropriate intention? The principle of anekantavada asks us to look at multiple points of view, and with this tenet in mind can we wonder–––can we listen to each other more?

We wonder what the world might look like if the following questions are asked more and more:

  • How to talk about conflict that brings us closer and deepens connections?
  • What is the relationship between our selves and the systems we participate in?
  • Can we self reflect on our own communities?
  • How can we apply Jain tenets to today’s systems?
  • What might happen if more people try to live by these tenets?
  • What will the next generation of Jains do if given different ideas of success?
  • If Mahavira lived now, what questions would he have asked of the world we live in?

The Team